A message from John Paul DeJoria,

  Co-Founder, John Paul Mitchell Systems


It matters...



It matters to us where you buy your professional products.

Much of what you experience and enjoy at our salon is made possible by profits from these professional products. Our continuing educations program is also funded by proceeds.

So, help us help you!


THANK YOU for your support and purchasing professional salon products only from a salon!


Paul Mitchell product purchased in a drug store, grocery store, through the Internet or at any other unauthorized outlet, may be old, stolen, counterfeit, diverted or tampered with.
Counterfeit hair care products were independently analyzed and found to have dangerously high levels of bacteria and other impurities - enough to make you sick. (Source: FOX News, June 10, 2003 and independent laboratory analysis)

Clients buy product at mass retailers because it seems like a deal - but it's usually a steal. Diverted product changes so many hands it's usually more expensive in a discount, grocery or drug store than at the salon.
Paul Mitchell is only guaranteed when sold by a professional hair salon. Again, profits from salon product sales make it possible to add the little extras that make the salon experience special and unique.

John Paul DeJoria
Co-Founder, John Paul Mitchell Systems,
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer