Dear sweet friends,

I wanted to thank you all so much for the kindness shown to me and my family over the years. You need to know how important this has been.

I love my salon! I love being greeted and often hugged. Everyone likes to be acknowledged and pampered "What can I bring you to drink, want a magazine?"

Shari, you make me feel important and very often gorgeous. Dianne, you make me feel. Marcia, your bubbly yet firm personality is a delight. I have shared tears and laughter with all of you. For me these things are without price.

To find a place where I can vent -  crazy teenage sons, job blues, births and deaths, well indeed, you all are part of the fabric of our family.

So keep it up and please know that its not just a haircut, manicure or massage, it's soul soothing and I truly appreciate it. You do incredible work and I believe, are unique in your fields.

Love, Judi